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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next apprenticeship class going to be taken?

Apprenticeship applications are accepted Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at the Steamfitters Union Hall. The application is available for download here. Please bring COPIES of all required documents with your completed application. Applicants will be notified via mail when the next aptitude test is scheduled.

Applicants who have passed the aptitude test and interview process will remain on the applicant list for 1 year from the test date. New apprentice classes will be pulled from this list of applicants.

I am currently working in the HVAC/R Industry, how can I become a member of Steamfitters Local 353?

If you are currently working in the HVAC/R industry and we have a shortage of HVAC/R technicians; we may be able to direct enter you into our program. Please contact the Business Manager or Business Agent at 309-633-1353 to discuss your work history and find out about opportunities to join our Local.

I have pipe welding experience, how can I become a member of Steamfitters Local 353?

Welders with experience welding pipe are encouraged to come to the Steamfitters Local 353 Hall and take a welding test. We offer three welding tests:

  1. The first consists of welding 6-inch schedule 80 coupons with a TIG root, 7018 out.
  2. The second test is welding 6-inch schedule 80 coupons with a 6010 root, 7018 out.
  3. The last test is welding 2-inch schedule 10 stainless steel pipe, TIG all of the way.

All three tests are performed in a 6G position. The welds are then 100% x-rayed to determine acceptability.

How much are my monthly dues?

Journeymen – $31.00

Retirees – $28.00

Retirees who turned age 65 between 1/1/2002 and 12/31/2006 – $25.00

Retirees who turned 65 by 12/31/2001 – $16.00

I am ready to retire, who should I contact?

Local Pension Administrator:
Barbara Bova
Phone: 1-800-950-6789

Plumbers and Pipefitters National Pension:

Toni Inscoe

Visit Website:
Phone: 1-800-638-7442

Health and Welfare:
Lisa Mock