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About Pipefitters Trade

About the Pipefitters Trade




The steamfitter/pipefitter is a tradesperson with the knowledge and ability to layout, fabricate, assemble, install, maintain and repair piping systems that transport all types of fluids, slurries and gas in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. This is the only trade specializing in the planning, design and installation of low and high-pressure steam systems. Their work is diverse, including such fields as oil refineries, paper mills, nuclear power plants, manufacturing plants and the automotive industry.



Description of Work


The systems that the steamfitter/pipefitter may work on includes some of the highest pressure and temperature applications, requiring a thorough knowledge of scientific principles to complete this work safely. Welders work in many types of environments, anywhere metals and alloys are joined. They install, maintain and repair all types of piping systems, as well as join structural steel brackets and supports for such systems.


Welders study blueprints, drawings and specifications for the job and must measure, cut and weld, using various welding methods and tools.


1100 classroom hours and 8000
on-the-job training hours


Welding and Pipefitting apprentices attend five weeks of day classes per year and HVAC apprentices attend 2 night classes a week from September thru May for 5 years




Wage & Contact Info


WAGE INFORMATION: Apprentices start at 40 percent of scale. Journeyman base wage as of May 1, 2023 is $40.10 per hour plus benefits of $27.53 per hour.

CONTACT: Steamfitters Local 353; 6304 W. Development Dr., Peoria, IL 61604;
Phone: (309) 633-1353