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Officers and Staff

Head Office

Business Manager

Tommy entered the Steamfitters U.A. Local No. 353 Apprenticeship Program in September 1989 and was initiated in March 1990.  As a fourth generation Steamfitter, the trade runs in his bloodline and...

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Training Coordinator

Mike was hired as Training Coordinator in 2017 when Patrick “Fuzzy” Faley retired. Mike started his apprenticeship in September 1997 and was initiated into Local 353 in March 1998. He became an...

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Union Secretary

Anita has been serving Local 353 as union secretary since December 2013, providing membership services and apprenticeship program support.  She graduated from Pekin High School and received a...

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Business Agent

Rob was organized into Steamfitters U.A. Local 353 in July 2007.  Although he didn’t become a member of the U.A. through a traditional path, Rob has embraced the values and heritage of the U.A....

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UA Instructor

Dan began his apprenticeship at Steamfitters Local 353 in October 2014 and worked for various local contractors in Peoria. He graduated the apprenticeship program in 2019 and went on to be a...

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Dayna started working with the Steamfitters Local 353 in February 2022 as the Union Bookkeeper.  She has a bachelor’s in business administration and associates in business computer accounting from...

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